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How To Buy Better KC Used Cars With Certified+ Benefits

If you're in the market for quality used cars for sale near Kansas City, you have many choices. However, not all Kansas City used car dealerships are created equal. When it comes to buying a used car in Kansas City, you should look for a used car dealer that goes above and beyond to give you more value for your purchase.


That's why we're excited to tell you about the exceptional benefits…

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Exclusive: How To Buy A Used Car In 6 Easy Steps

Your jalopy is starting to show its age. The rear bumper is held together with duct tape. The engine rattles and coughs when you start it up. The radio hasn't worked for months. And your friends politely decline when you offer them a ride. In other words, it's time to start shopping for another car.

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But the thought of going to used car dealerships near Kansas City gives you sweaty palms and heart palpitations. You admit that you don't know the first thing about the process of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Sure, you've seen the TV…

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Should People Under 30 Avoid New Cars?

Ahhh, that "new car smell." It can be intoxicating, can't it? As a society, we've been conditioned to value "new" over "used." After all, you aren't likely to hear a retailer say: "Stop on down for a great deal on one of our used refrigerators." Uh, no thank you.

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So if you're under 30 and you're shopping for a new set of wheels, it's awfully tempting to be drawn to that wonderful aroma of a brand-new, fresh-from-the-factory vehicle. After all, it has the most modern styling, comes with all the bells and whistles, and…

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Top 12 Used Cars For Young Buyers

Taking the bus, borrowing the family minivan (ugh!), bumming rides with friends, or just walking get old really fast. What you need is your own set of wheels. You have some money saved up, or your parents are willing to help you out financially, so your dream of owning your own car is starting to become a reality.

Here at the premier used car dealership in Kansas City, McCarthy Pre-owned Supercenter, we have hundreds of top quality pre-owned vehicles priced under $15,000 to choose from.


2008 Or Later Hyundai Elantra SE

The SE version of the Elantra gets good…

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7 Reasons Why Used Cars Are A Better Buy

Today's modern cars are marvels of technological and engineering innovation. They run better, last longer, and have more advanced technology and safety features than ever before. The downside is that new cars are simply more expensive. According to the automotive publication Motor Age, you would have paid $2,005 for a car in 1915. That works out to $46,879 in today's dollars. USA Today reports that the price of an average new car increased in 2015 by 2.6% to $33,560.

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But here's the good news. 

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Introducing The New McCarthy Used Car Supercenter In Blue Springs, Missouri

If you are in the market for top-quality used cars in Kansas City, the wait is over! We're proud to announce the official opening of the all-new McCarthy Pre-Owned Supercenter in Blue Springs, Missouri. Serving the entire Kansas City metro area, McCarthy Pre-Owned Supercenter is your new headquarters for some of the finest quality pre-owned cars, minivans, and trucks in Blue Springs and Kansas City.


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